Download Anti Virus SmadAV 2011

29 Jul

SmadAV 8.6 ~ Create a local antivirus pal lovers Indonesia, of course, is no stranger to the antivirus name this one. In the latest version 8.6 provides a variety of different SmadAV features that can help your computer security on the device’s pet pal. Oh yes, as additional information, it is better than using locally made antivirus, my friend also install other antivirus which can also protect from external virus attacks or international.

Local antivirus arguably the best antivirus 2011 is available in two versions, namely the free version and pro version. Of course my friend had known advantages and disadvantages of both versions. But even though my friend only has a version freenya qualified enough to protect.

One feature mainstay of 6.8 smadav 2011, is the feature “Forgot Password” if my friend forgot password, as well as several other great features include: Portable, Support a variety of OS (XP, VISTA, Win7), cleaning and repair registry value, SmaRTP, SMART Protection, and various other interesting features. Okay for my friend who needs it please download via the link to the smadav center.

Okay, for my friend who was soon to have an antivirus SmadAV 8.5, immediately download and own. Let us support children’s creativity continues to remain the country to work.


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